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Incident reporting

Life-threatening emergencies on the river:
Call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

For near miss, safety observations and incident reporting click below


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Licensing & Permits

Demolition works

A demolition licence is required where it is proposed to demolish Works either in part or in full.

Demolished works can only be taken off a Licence if completely removed from the site, including those parts extending into the sub-soil.  If only partial removal occurs and for example pile stumps remain in the river bed then the works that remain must be retained on a licence.


The following should be provided with any application to demolish works:

  • Application form (Word, PDF)
  • Location of works marked on a PLA chart extract
  • Method statement and risk assessment – Due to the complexities involved in removing works from the river, the method statement should, in addition to providing the standard information required, set out the following:
    • the amount of vertical pull or other efforts to be exerted on piles before cutting off is agreed;
      the method of verification that the effort agreed has been applied;
    • the level below bed at which the piles will be cut off expressed as an absolute value related to Chart or Ordnance Datum at the top of the remaining pile;
    • the method of cutting and the method of verification that cutting has been at the agreed level;
    • the requirement for post removal hydrographic survey.
  • Scaled drawings of the existing works
  • If the works are not to be removed in full, scaled drawings should be provided of the works that would remain
  • Water Framework Directive Assessment
  • Relevant contextual / background information including the proposed timescale of the works
  • Application fee
  • Supporting studies where relevant (for example: hydrodynamic assessment, risk assessment, environmental assessment or statement)
  • Copy of River Works Licence to which the demolition application relates

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