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Upper Pool Port of London Archive shipping cargo busy

Port of London Act

1968 (as amended)

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The Port of London Authority (PLA) was created to bring order to the chaos and congestion that prevailed on the Thames as rival wharfs, docks and river users battled for business in the late 1800s.

After years of debate, the Bill that led to the creation of the PLA was introduced by David Lloyd George in April 1908; the challenge of guiding it through the House fell to his successor, Winston Churchill. The Bill received Royal Assent as the Port of London Act, 1908, in December 1908 and the Port of London Authority came into being in March 1909.

Port of London Act 1968 (as amended)

This is an updated version of the original Port of London Act 1968 as at January 2014.

It does not contain any changes made pursuant to the Port of London Authority (Constitution) Harbour Revision Order 2015. Save in respect of the 2015 Harbour Revision Order, every effort has been made to ensure that this updated version of the 1968 Act reflects the current position. However the original sources must be consulted where complete accuracy of the wording is required.

This version will be updated from time to time. Any inaccuracies found should be reported to the Port of London Authority.

A few notes have been inserted to assist the reader trace original sources, meanings or cross references, but where acts or orders are referred to these are constantly changing and the notes will, from time to time, be out of date.

The reader should carry out their own research as to whether the acts or orders referred to are still in force and still applicable.

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