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Incident reporting

Life-threatening emergencies on the river:
Call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

For near miss, safety observations and incident reporting click below


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Support for civil engineering

Need support for a project?

Integrated survey solutions

Need a survey of under water and surface combined?

PLA can acquire both bathymetric data, surface laser data, and photographic and combine them into a single seamless point cloud.


  • All survey data in one place
  • Easy to extract measurements


  • full xyz point cloud
  • decimated xyz point cloud
  • Fledermaus scene file

Wall survey

The PLA can acquire both bathymetric data of river and dock walls.


  • Easy to take measurements from the data
  • Can identify defects
  • Historic record in case of any future damage
  • Can reduce diver time and focus attention to defects


  • Full xyz point cloud
  • Decimated xyz point cloud
  • Fledermaus scene file
  • Report
river and dock wall
Historic data

Need historic river records?

The PLA hold chart data (and other data sets) going back to early 1900s.


  • Know the site history
  • Know the changes occurring over time
  • Reduce the risk of surprises during construction


  • PDF files
  • Partially digitised-georeferenced
  • Fully digitised with soundings extracted
historic river data
UXO survey suite

Need a UXO survey prior to works?

The PLA can acquire a suite of surveys to provide a comprehensive UXO survey package, for example:

  • Gradiometer survey
  • Sidescan survey
  • MBES survey
  • GeoChirp 3D survey


  • Reduced risk of unexpected UXO
  • Reduced risk of delays
  • Valuable data set that can be leveraged for other uses


  • Listing of Potential Contacts,  XYZ
  • Target Characterisation Sheets
  • Geotiff of GeoChirp 3D Coverage
  • Survey report

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