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Incident reporting

Life-threatening emergencies on the river:
Call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

For near miss, safety observations and incident reporting click below


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Licensing & Permits

Property-related search

Where information is required about river works under in or over the tidal Thames foreshore and riverbed and embanked land, a property-related search can be requested by filling in this questionnaire.

Searches must be submitted in good time as the PLA may be unable to provide urgent or by return replies. The standard response time is 20 working days.

A fee is payable to the Port of London Authority for the cost of performing a search.  The fee will be payable regardless of whether the area of search is on PLA land or other land ownerships. See the latest PLA charges schedule for the current rate.

Please send the completed questionnaire to [email protected]

The fee must be paid using the PayPal button below before any application will be considered. Please include the name of the property that is the subject of the search request in the box provided.

Property Name

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