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Port of London Harbour Revision Order submitted

The Port of London Authority (PLA) has this week submitted its application for a Harbour Revision Order (HRO) to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

The PLA is seeking an HRO to modernise the Port of London Act, under which it operates, to reflect the operations and technology in use on the river today and its continued evolution as a modern, transparent organisation.

The PLA ran an informal, pre-submission consultation on the draft HRO last autumn, hearing back from more than 50 stakeholders with a range of helpful questions and comments. Since then, their feedback has been reviewed and, where appropriate, adjustments made. With that work complete, the formal HRO application was submitted to the MMO, the government body that manages such applications.

“A lot of people took time to engage with our informal HRO consultation last autumn, for which we were very appreciative,” said Robin Mortimer, chief executive of the PLA. “I am very pleased that we have now been able to submit the HRO document to the MMO, amended following the informal consultation.

“The MMO now has opportunity to review the document and validate it, ahead of their formal consultation. We have requested that the MMO formal consultation does not start until the current coronavirus restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, everybody now has opportunity to review the document ahead of the formal MMO consultation starting.”

The PLA HRO, alongside other explanatory information, including a simple guide and a note on the main changes that have been made since the informal consultation, can be found on the PLA website.

The MMO will only be open to stakeholder representations and comments on the HRO once their formal consultation has started.

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