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Environment & sustainability policy

As managers of the tidal Thames our mission is to conserve and improve the river alongside its use as a thriving port and waterway. We are committed to sustainable development

January 2024
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As the statutory harbour authority, licensing authority and owner of the bed of the tidal Thames, the Port of London Authority (PLA) is committed to fostering the sustainable development and management of the estuary in accordance with the Government’s Marine Policy Statement and environmental duties under the Harbours Act 1964. We will minimise our environmental impact and deliver the PLA’s contributions to the Thames Vision. In doing so we will comply with environmental legislation and other relevant requirements in the pursuit of our activities and responsibilities.

In the PLA we will

  • We are dedicated to achieving net zero by 2040 for our own operations. To realise this ambitious goal, we are proactively implementing measures to reduce air emissions, decrease energy consumption, enhance energy efficiency, improve waste and litter management, increase our reliance on renewable energy sources, and contribute to biodiversity conservation.
  •  Pursue efficiencies to reduce the PLA’s impact on the environment using sustainable procurement practices.
  • Improve the PLA’s own vessel and vehicle emissions. 
  • Implement renewable technology for power provision across the PLA estate. 
  • Provide biodiversity net gain by appropriate management of the estuary and our estate, and work with communities to continue to improve these sites for future generations.
  • Regularly review climate change impacts and effectiveness of new adaptation measures.
  • Prevent pollution by maintaining a high level of preparedness and by taking prompt actions to deal with any incidents and working closely with stakeholders on our Clean Thames Manifesto.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders across the port sector, locally, nationally and internationally, to reduce environmental impacts through our Net Zero River Plan and other key strategies.
  • Communicate this environmental policy to all staff, contractors, suppliers and stakeholders. Provide guidance and appropriate training where necessary, and report on our environmental and sustainability performance frequently.

In maintaining an Environmental Management System (EMS) under 14001:2015, we will continually improve, assess the impacts of our activities on the environment and monitor and audit their effectiveness.

This policy was approved by the PLA Executive Committee in January 2024

Chief Executive

Robin Mortimer

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