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Kew Grid Dry Dock

Drying out facilities

We operate two services in the upper district: Kew Grid and Isleworth Drawdock

Isleworth Drawdock is a stretch of vertical river wall with regularly spaced piles and a riverbed suitable for taking the ground (for appropriate vessels), that is directly accessible by road. Isleworth is practically unlimited in the size of vessel it can accommodate. No double berthing is permitted alongside another vessel.

Kew Grid is a timber grid suitable for smaller vessels, with limitations as described above, and without road access. Access to the grid at Strand on the Green is via the steps on the toe-path (W3W location “shovels.result.smashes”) which is only accessible at low water. There is a tide board on the upriver pile of the Grid. Only one vessel at any one time can use this facility.




Drying Height

Maximum Weight Limit

Charge (per 24hrs)

Kew Grid

25m (82ft)

9m (29.5ft)

3.2m (10.5ft)

200 tonnes


Isleworth Drawdock

50m (164ft)


3.7m (12.2ft)


Half of drawdock £48.00

Full length £75.00

General information

These facilities are owned and operated by the Port of London Authority and are available for commercial and pleasure craft use.

There are no water or electricity or shore storage facilities at either site. It should be noted that the towpaths and roads adjacent to the two drying out facilities are liable to flooding.

Further guidance can found at the flood warning information service or via Floodline on 03459 881188. All users are required by SOLAS Regulation 34 to carefully assess their proposed voyage, taking into account all elements of their navigation – for unpowered craft, it is recommended to use a licensed tug and Master.

Those wishing to make use of these facilities must book them with the Harbour Service Upper crew, who are contactable 7 days a week between 0700 and 1700, on 07711 640 095. Should you wish to depart earlier or later than the planned booking you must notify and agree amendments in advance with the Harbour Service Upper crew. 

Should a vessel be at the facility upon your arrival, contact London VTS or the Harbour Service Upper crew to resolve the matter, before attempting to use the facility.


The PLA drying out facilities are shown below. These images are not for navigation.

Isleworth Drawdock

Chart showing locations of Isleworth Drawdock

Kew Grid

Chart showing location of Kew grid

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