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Case Study: Shell S-Jetty

We combined MBES, vessel-based laser and terrestrial laser to provide the client with the most detailed images of their asset.

In 2016, the Port of London Authority was commissioned by Shell to survey its S-Jetty in Coryton, Essex. The survey supported the required asset integrity assessment of the jetty and associated structures and acted as a baseline to monitor for any future changes to the structure and surrounding riverbed. Primary data was captured using the high resolution multibeam, terrestrial and vessel-based laser scanning.

Once collected we combine datasets to produce high resolution, point cloud visualisations that isolate sections of the structure for review across multiple reports. The resultant visualisations allow for any changes to be easily illustrated and reviewed in client-accessible software.

For instance, we assessed verticality and alignment of submerged piling or structures and measured deviations. By comparing with previous datasets, we can identify any significant change over the intervening period, as visualised above and below.

Using an array of techniques enables us to deliver side-by-side scan comparisons to clients, who can then decide which technique suits their needs best going forward. Furthermore, we've invested in new high-res photographic image capture.

Once images are captured, post processing enables detailed targeted imagery to be extracted -- even from areas of shade: The ultra high resolution then allows engineers to make accurate visual assessments, with all photos geo-referenced. Images can then be combined to extract a photogrammetry generated scan. The imagery data can be used to generate point clouds and associated products such as cross-sections, 3D models or drawings.

With a full spectrum of services, the PLA are able to collaborate with our clients to deliver a tailored service to the needs of each project.

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