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Life-threatening emergencies on the river:
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Navigational Safety


Over the two years 2016/2017, 120 breakdowns were reported in central London.

Breakdowns can cause damage to vessels and piers, put crew and passengers at risk, increase congestion and result in a substantial maintenance bill for the boat owners. 

We looked to find out more about the causes of the incidents and found some interesting statistics: 

  • 40% of the breakdowns are caused by debris in the water – mainly ropes 
  • 18% are caused by electrical faults (wiring and switch faults) 
  • 10% by overheating (largely failed water pumps); and 
  • 8% by fuel problems (for example blocked filters and contamination). 

So we’re calling on everyone taking their boats on the Thames to step up vigilance and avoid the ‘side effects’ of neglect, in a bid radically to reduce the number of breakdowns on the river.

Our messages of ‘bin it’, ‘check it’, ‘cool it’, and ‘clean it’ are summed up in these short, simple safety films -->

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