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Notices to Agents, Berths and Ship Operators

Notices to Agents, Berth and Ship Operators provide essential, up to date information and advice to those supporting navigation and commercial shipping in the Port of London. Subjects will include (but not be limited to) advice on PLA procedures and/or requirements and notification of new and updated rules and regulations for navigation.


Notices to Agents, Berths and Ship Operators

NABSO 9 of 2018 - Change of Contact Number For The Thames Barrier Navigation Centre (TBNC)
Date Published: 19-Nov-18

NABSO 8 of 2018 - Illegal & Dangerous Use of Weighted Heaving Lines
Date Published: 07-Nov-18

NABSO 7 of 2018 - Pilotage Directions & Associated PEC Regulations 2018
Date Published: 10-Oct-18

NABSO 6 of 2018 - Safe Means of Access
Date Published: 21-Aug-18

NABSO 5 of 2018 - Ship Tug Booking Times
Date Published: 13-Aug-18

NABSO 4 of 2018 - Over Carriage & Repatriation
Date Published: 30-May-18

NABSO 1 of 2018 - NABSO's remaining in force at 1st January 2018
Date Published: 02-Jan-18

NABSO 9 of 2017 - Ultra Large Container Ship - Windage Area
Date Published: 07-Sep-17

NABSO 8 of 2017 - Pilotage Directions and Associated PEC Regulations 2017 - Tug Endorsements and Nominated Berths
Date Published: 05-Sep-17

NABSO 7 of 2017 - Vessel Booking Information
Date Published: 04-Sep-17

NABSO 6 of 2017 - Local Navigation Certificates
Date Published: 28-Jul-17

NABSO 5 of 2017 - Pilot Transfer Arrangements and Means of Access
Date Published: 10-Jul-17

NABSO 2 of 2017 - Provision of Accurate Vessel Notification Information
Date Published: 01-Mar-17

NABSO 5 of 2016 - Tug Assessment Validity
Date Published: 29-Jul-16

NABSO 3 of 2016 - Confirmation of Stability
Date Published: 13-May-16

NABSO 10 of 2015 - Thames Estuary, General Direction 13(3), Navigational Safety Requirements Compliance Reporting
Date Published: 23-Nov-15

NABSO 9 of 2015 - Definitive Berths List
Date Published: 20-Nov-15

NABSO 5 of 2015 - Gravesend Reach/Northfleet Hope - Tilbury Precautionary Area
Date Published: 26-May-15

NABSO 4 of 2015 - Ebb Tide Docking and Undocking at Tilbury Lock
Date Published: 27-Apr-15

NABSO 5 of 2014 - Pilots - Requirement for Safe Access to Vessels
Date Published: 10-Apr-14

NABSO 4 of 2014 - Vessels Carrying Dangerous or Polluting Goods in Bulk
Date Published: 02-Apr-14

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