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Temporary River Works Licences

Details of current and recently determined applications for temporary consent are listed below. Requests for further information should be sent to lic.app@pla.co.uk, quoting the reference number.

Ref Applicant Status Start Date Duration Works Location CHM Ref Date Received
355 CTP consulting Engineers Consented 28/01/19 2 years installing 8 mooring piles in the river roding Fresh Wharf Estate Barking Creek AN-79-15 07/09/18
358 City of London Corporation Consented Trig Lane Stairs & Swan lane pier replacement wall repairs Trig Lane Stairs/Swan Lane Pier AN-20-104A 20N1041002 - AN-20-134 03/10/18
359 Mclaughlin & Harvey Consultation UXO survey Royal Wharf AN-29-435 25/10/18
360 FM Conway Consultation Scaffolding for footbridge strengthening St Saviours Dock AS-22-212A
363 Marmus Ltd Consultation Temporary Moorings Deptford Creek Brookmarsh Ind Est AS-76-48 07/12/18
364 Oakdean Construction Under Review Riverwall elevations 135 Grosvenor Road AS-17-24 12/12/18
366 Team2100 Under Review Refurbof tidal defences Nine Elms Lane/Riverside Court AS-17-27 04/12/18
367 Team2100 Under Review Repair river bed scour hole River Cray off the River Darenth AS-81-18 24/10/18
368 LangbourneProperties Under Review Replacement of wooden Fender Panels Spice Quay AS-22-181 07/12/18
369 Hill Partnerships Consented 05/04/19 10 months Remediation work on the exsisting river wall New Union Wharf AS-27-360-2 06/11/18
370 Hanson Quarry products Under Review Victoria Deep water Terminal AS-27-454 20/12/18
371 FM Conway Consented 3 months approx remedial works to the river wall Surrey Quays Embankment AS-22-236 29/11/18
372 CFK Construction Ltd Approved Replacement of Fenders Albion Wharf AS-15-146 17/01/19
373 CTP Consultation Repair North West corner of river wall under the St Andrews Art Cenre St Andrews Art Centre AS-40-153 11/10/18
374 Port of Tilbury Consented 27/02/19 Investigation of Potiential unexploded Ordance Targets Tilbury 2 AN-40-116 01/02/19
375 Millwood Services Ltd Consented 10/06/19 HMS Belfast Dry Riser Repairs HMS Belfast AS-20-157 14/12/18
376 Zoological Society of London Under Review Survey work 9 various sites AN-15-368 12/02/19
377 Thames water Consultation Minor CSO clearance works Crossness sewage treatment works AN-18-6
379 Navigator Terminals Consented 01/03/19 erection of scaffolding Navigator Terminal AN-36-93 25/02/19
380 Rocksolid Restorations Ltd Under Review emergency works to river wall (hessian bags) Albert Wharf, Battersea AS-15-148 26/02/19
381 Docklands Riverside Hotel Ltd ON HOLD 03/06/19 extension of Pier Nelson Dock Pier AS-24-323 07/02/19
382 FM Conway Consultation 1 week repair of Lions Heads - use of scaffold system Victoria Embankment AN-19-70-71G 26/02/19
383 Berkeley Homes Consultation crane oversail Riverside Walk, Woolwich AS-19-520 26/02/19
384 APEM Ltd Consented 23/04/19 Aquatic Ecological Survey Gallions Point Marine AN-30-467-8 26/02/19
386 TCM Ltd Approved Buddleia Clearance along the river wall at battersea power station Battersea Power Station AS-15-17 08/03/19
387 PLA Consented 27/03/19 3 weeks maintenance & repair works Plaistow Wharf AN-28-426 18/03/19
389 Navigator Terminals Under Review 15/04/19 5 months repair work to approach jetty Navigator AN-36-93 20/03/19
390 Moore Project Under Review 01/06/19 4 weeks Repair work to the jetty Murphys Wharf AS-29-481 25/02/19
391 Yusuo Wang Consented 03/06/19 2 days removal of pontoon 103 Strawberry Vale AN-01/8 21/03/19
392 Greenford Ltd Works completed 07/05/19 2 weeks repair river wall 135 grosvenor road AS-17-24 07/03/19
393 B&M McHugh Consented 01/01/70 3 weeks vegetation clearance & brickwork repair Deptford Creek Railway bridge AS-76-21A 26/02/19
394 RNLI Works completed 20/05/19 3 weeks removal of unsafe walkway Lifeboat station Victoria Embankment AN-19-70 14/04/19
395 Battersea Power Station Under Review 23/05/19 3 years installation of 2 access bridges, timber decking, balstrade replacement and riparian safety equipment Battersea Power Station AS-17-15 10/04/19
396 J Reddington Ltd Under Review 18 weeks repair work to creek wall Lots Road Power Station AN-15-361 18/04/19
398 VGHL Ltd Consultation 2 days removal of Buddleia Elm Quay AS-17-29 15/04/19
399 Thames Festival Trust Under Review 03/09/19 5 weeks installation of moorings Up river Millennium Bridge A2-20-122 22/04/19
400 CMP Thames ltd Under Review 01/01/70 1 week removal of exsiting aggregate jetty Cemex Jetty, Dagenham AN-32-41 26/04/19
401 Zoological Society of London Under Review 03/06/19 5 months data collection of Eels & other fish in the thames Crossness sewage treatment works AS-32-5-6 10/04/19
402 London River Services Consented 07/05/19 14 days Removal of Pier Bankside Pier AS-20-128 12/04/19
403 Buckingham Group Contractors Ltd Consented 15/05/19 5 weeks UXO work at Fulham FC Fulham FC AN-12-318 10/05/19
405 Gravesham Borough Council Consulation 5 years Mooring LV 21 St Andrews Garden AS-40-147 15/05/19
406 The Great River Race Consented 3 days scaffolding staircase & Pontoon in to the river for th GRR Millwall Slipway AN-25-306 06/03/19
407 The Great River Race Consulation 3 days Pontoon for finsih boats. Ham Riverside Car Park AS-02-3B 06/03/19